Are you planning a Group Travel in Spain or around Europe?  Volotea is one has over 50 destinations and is a leading airline in the European market.

Group flight can be organized with Volotea, the Spanish airline offers special services and tariffs.
To organize and book a group flight, the groups should have between 10 and 100 participants.

If you want to get more information, just contact Volotea’s team. A dedicated team will answer to your queries and propose you the tariffs.


Book your Group Flight with Volotea


If you are organizing a group flight with a significant number of participants, you might also want to take into consideration organizing a private charter flight rather than a commercial flight.

This could be the easiest solution for group travel, as you can eliminate long airport lines, save significant time (no need to arrive 2h earlier than the departure time), have dedicated professional services, have more flexibility on days or flight times and make the boarding process easier.
Depending on the period and on which deals you could find, the flight expenses might be equivalent or even cheaper than a commercial flight.
There are several airlines that organize these types of services, for example: VistaJet, Luna Group Charter, Globeair etc.

Your travel choice will mainly depend on the budget’s participants, the distance and the preferred comforts. Do not hesitate to get as many information possible, so to make the best travel choice for you and your group.

Need to have your group trip recorded by professional videomakers? Remember to contact a video production agency.